Tuesday, May 27, 2014News.Those familiar faces will appear in the Delano

From Delano King alpha version of the data , we tap into a lot of stories about to unfold in the future . We can tell you is - and Mists of Pandaria similar - a lot of roles will accompany the expedition Delano heroes together , and now we know who has made it clear these roles specifically . Looking at the Delano Warcraft legend , we found a lot of familiar faces .

But before viewing this article Please note : All information is alpha version of the huge changes that may occur , even these data may have been removed from the content . In other words , these things seem right now , the future will not work.

Well , first let's look at who will accompany you Expeditionary  in Delano .

Vindicator Malta Ladd
-Who among you is more sacred than me ? I'm the leader of this expedition , I will not have any doubts !

Most people are peace-loving Delaney , Delaney majority of people in the army and the emotion poured into the maintenance of peace , but does not belong to the majority Malta Ladd . When tribes rise , Malta Ladd watched his lover - a named Driud priestess - died in the war against orcs . Malta Ladd 's sister was forced to inject a Shadow Council Delaney half and half orc baby. Although he is a Paladin, Vindicator Malta Ladd eager for revenge , perhaps, the desire to slaughter soon engulfed him.

When iron tribal invasion, Vindicator Malta Ladd was selected to lead the Alliance expedition Delano . Now he has a second chance to save his people , to avenge his fallen comrades , and to ensure that the timeline Delaney never degenerated into orcs. He has filled with anger and strong alliances resources , although it may also destroy him .