Tuesday, May 27, 2014News.Paladin,Warlock and Warrior


You will cause more damage over discipline and reduce damage to the dependence of the big move it?

We are for "everyone" to find a solution . Big move stacked on formal clothing is a problem we want to solve the very serious (pve pvp is more serious than in ) .

If I do not judge , Seal of Righteousness will not be triggered. Seal is also the truth . This is intentional?

Yes, let the talent in order to prevent invalid .   


And green fire you for Kanruisade quest chain have any plans?

Currently plans to maintain the status quo.


Slam 35% weapon damage , and you will ruin the weapon. Slam is our most important source of damage, it can make up for the lack of crit .

Perhaps you should decide when you see the full body Specialization is " destroyed ."

Why giant combat > Mortal Strike > suppress > Slam cycle priority is to make this an interesting sequence of specialization , for priority skills are not bad .

Our goal is to remove the unwanted change in depth of the game complexity increases .

Unless buff to 200 %, otherwise it is difficult to shake the violent weapon status .

Some weapons significant changes in the future. You do not know it.

You give us some details ? Hope you did not change the loop or as violent as randomization.

We altered the cycle. Details will be released later.

Please do not let it be like as violent by broken keyboard. There are so slow 1-2 specialization is not a bad thing.

We plan to distinguish between weapons and violent . Weapons should be " fewer but playing hurt heavier ."

Please do not do another pvp warrior father's version.

We did not increase pvp outbreak .